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Another One Bites the Dust? 

I had just pulled over to the side of the road because my tailgate on the truck popped open when a petite young lady stopped in front of me to offer help.  I thanked her, the tail gate was very heavy and it had dislodged from one side.  We immediately started talking and  I apologized for my scruffy look, dressed in farm overalls with bits of hay stuck in my hair while at the same time complimenting her on her polished look.  We will call her Kim as I have not asked her permission to use her name, in fact I have been struggling with what to do with the information she gave me .  This morning when I woke up I realized I just have to write about Kim’s disturbing revelation it just made my skin crawl and it is not right to let another one bite the dust and be swept under the rug!

Kim informed me that she was dressed so nicely because she had just finished work at a young girls group  home in Carleton Place and it had been a rough day.  When I inquired as to what exactly had made it a hard day for her what she came back with just blew my mind.  I will retell her story in my words now.

A troubled 14 year old girl residing at the group home had been  dragged down the steps head first by the police with her hands cuffed behind her back.  This action caused her top to be pulled up exposing her to everyone.  Kim immediately told the two officers that the girl is only 14, this is not right so please pull her top back in place and cover her exposed breasts.  Kim went on to say how the attendants just want to shove medication down all residents throats to numb the girls instead of sitting them down or counselling them which is why the girls are there in the first place.  As if that incident was not bad enough and wrongly handled what Kim said next was worse!

A male higher up then Kim overseeing this young girls group home was reported by Kim and the other attendants for starring creepily at its female occupants as well as the female attendants.  But nothing has been done about this situation with the male manager in fact it is so bad that none of the female attendants will stay in the same room with him, alone…they don’t trust him! 

Kim and the other attendants get to leave when their shift is over but who is there to protect  the female residents from the perverted manager I ask?  Just what does he do to the young girls when they are all drugged up and who would believe them anyway if they were to speak out and tell someone?   After all those in higher management have received numerous complaints from their own staff about this man and are  by choice turning a blind eye!



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