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The day came when I finally indulged in an expensive new Samsung fridge from Home Depot in Carleton Place with a one year warranty. Fridge is sparkling black in colour boasting a ice and water dispenser – a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Unfortunately for me my Samsung fridge stopped working within the one year warranty period because of a faulty mother board. I immediately informed assistant manager Chris Gaignery from Home Depot in Carleton Place, Ontario (from where I purchased my fridge), who then did everything in his power to make my situation go from bad to worse!

It was July 2018, mid summer when the Samsung fridge stopped working and the food it held proceeded to sour very quickly. I was in phone contact with Chris Gaignery from Home Depot every week asking when my fridge will be replaced and kept getting the same reply that he is working hard for me with Samsung to get a return authorization code. The summer turned into Fall and I was asked to be patient because there was a process that needed to be followed so I waited and waited and waited to no avail. Meanwhile my family was living on fast food and sandwiches because of no working fridge!

Finally summer turned to fall and the temperature outside became a bit cooler so I was able to put my cheese slices and sandwich meat out on the balcony UNTIL the squirrels got so bold they started carrying whole cheese slices on their backs while scurrying away. Of all the cheek little Hammy (the same tail less squirrel from my book Black & Blue) looked at me through the balcony window all the while taking his time nibbling on a cheese slice.

It is now January 2019! Neither Samsung or the big box store Home Depot have replaced my fridge or retuned my money. Chris Gaignery, assistant manager of Home Depot appliance division had the audacity to tell me that he doesn’t care that my family was left without a fridge the entire summer of 2018! Disgust for such a big company like Home Depot treating their customer so badly in today’s society. Total disgust!

Please send me your thoughts on my situation…I have contacted the Ombudsman and will go to the News Paper next!!

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