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About the Author

     Being born in Coventry England to two (2) very well-educated parents, gave me a good start to my “to be” interesting life.  Even though I was only seven (7) years old when I left England, I still recall the delicious aroma of fish and chips, which was wrapped and served in a layer of newspaper, as my mom pushed me in the pram past the Coventry Cathedral every afternoon.  It seems as though I have been chasing after the elusive English fish and chips ever since!

       As a child, living on a dead-end street, meant my friends and I never rode our tricycles to that forbidden part of the cul-de-sac.  Luckily the ice cream van playing its joyful music stopped in front of my house every afternoon and that made the dead end not so scary, at least for awhile.

     Since moving to Canada, I have enjoyed life in the country setting that surrounds me.  My parents were well balanced in their lives, their work ethics could only be respected by all, and their commitment to my siblings and I, has all had such a positive impact on my life.  My father gave me the strength to never give up and my mother continuously showed me the power in words. 

      I was inspired to write Black & Blue when a dedicated police officer and good friend was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to 12 years in the notorious Kingston Penitentiary.  Even after serving his time and being released from prison he has continually wanted to clear his name.  He has never wavered in his claim of innocence nor has my belief in his innocence.

Keep being reminded, as you read this book, that it is a true story still with an unresolved ending as he is still trying to clear his name.    


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