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How many of you reading  this agree?

First, let me tell you that  I love this actor, Dwayne Johnson also known as the rock, in all his movies!  His positive, fun loving character shines through naturally.  The ‘words’ Rock is standing behind in the picture above really hit home for me.  Does it for you?

‘Show respect in the face of adversity’, is easier said then done mind you but with a little practise we can all accomplish this.  In my time of need as I stood in front of the judge in the empty court room I heard snickering & cajoling coming from behind me.  When  I looked over my shoulder who did I see but the antagonizers from the lynch mob.  My sister, Nil, there for support leaned over and whispered in my ear, “don’t worry about them,  you are better off to kill them with kindness.”  

Unfortunately or maybe luckily my son has witnessed people in all walks of life do wrong and has formed a good set of boundaries for himself.

My son was only 11 years old when he witnessed the same Currie mob of 15 or so heavy set woman, neighbours,  surround me while Lanark county OPP in Perth, Constable John Morrison, threw me to the pavement, jumped on my back jamming his knee hard into it while crushing my ribs against the paved road.  It was a lynch mob, the group of them including the cop brewed out of ignorance as I am of (Asian) Indian decent, born in England and not quite as white as them.  My ribs were crushed, I was in so much pain and I could not breathe.  I pleaded with Constable Morrison to lessen the pressure from his knee and he responded by kneeing me harder.  I was terrified, smothering and knew my son was alone with this unruly mob. 

In fact, in an earlier incident, the same mob stole my beautiful Angus cattle and ran them scared through the woods they made the sound of native Indians you know Cowboy & Indians!  It was my sons school friend, red haired Steve that pointed out, “they don’t even have the right Indian.”    Come on if you are going to be racist at least get that right!  I just shook my head because it shows how back woods these people actually are. 

Canada is not a 3rd world country, we are accepting of all nationalities, these are not the dark ages, it is 2019 modern day.  Why have the authorities tried to sweep this under the carpet?  Why has Constable Morrisons’ staff Sergeant or the Commissioner of the Perth & Lanark County OPP (the higher ups) not acknowledge this grave miscarriage of justice?  

Does anyone remember the show Newhart with Daryl, brother Daryl and the other brother Daryl?  Well this is what my neighbours are..

Constable Morrison became part of the mob, lost his professionalism and all respect for the law, that which he swore to uphold!

  Ignorance allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.” – James Baldwin 

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