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Canadian Actress Helene Joy-Strong lady & Beautiful Too

And She’s all ours Canada

I just recently stumbled on the fact that talented Helene Joy is a Canadian actress which makes watching this beautiful lady in Murdoch mysteries even more exciting!  I started watching the show after catching a glimpse of Helene’s hair in an up do that looked so stylish.  Might sound silly to you to start watching a show because of an actresses’ hairdo and beautiful clothes from an earlier time period but in my case I was getting daily complaints as someone or another would point out, “You have hay in your hair dear and do you live in those overalls?”  With the hot humid summer of 2018 upon us I piled all my hair on top of my head and held it there with an elastic band while I forked over hay to my Angus cattle then brushed them one by one. 

A female in a male dominated field is not easily accepted and means that I have to jump through many hoops to get any information what so ever about raising cattle.  

Helene Joy with her captivating smile and charismatic personality fills any room with dare I say it…’JOY’

This Australian born actress has major talent and now as a Canadian actress Helene Joy is not getting the recognition she deserves!  

The Cogeco Fund Audience Choice Award is presented by the Canadian Screen Awards so please go and vote for Helene Joy at!  Give our Canadian actress your support…well worth it I say.

Oh, no I just realized I missed my evening episode of Murdoch mysteries because I was busy writing this post!  Yikes. 

It didn’t take long for this show to become my favorite form of evening entertainment and I have fallen in love with the entire cast of characters.  This all happened long before I ever knew Helene Joy who plays Dr. Ogden in the show was a Canadian Actress.  She is a strong actress on screen and a strong lady off screen no doubt.   I knew Yannick Bisson who plays detective Murdoch is a Canadian actor.  Johnny Harris who plays Constable George Crabtree is a natural stand up comedian and is a Canadian actor,  I do enjoy his work as well.  Thomas Craig born Craig Thomas plays his character as Inspector Brackenreid perfectly and works along side Helene Joy in Murdoch Mysteries.

There are those too quick to cut down our Canadian Television programmes as well as our Canadian Actors & Actresses to them I say, ‘Best take another look!’ 

Can you imagine a lady pursuing a career as a Doctor years ago?  It would have definitely been a challenge for any female to be accepted as a doctor in this predominantly male dominated field. She would have to be of very strong character and possess thick skin not to break under the ridicule she undoubtedly endured.

 It still boggles my mind that in my lifetime and yours doctors were quick to give electric shock treatment to women just because their husband said so.  What!  Scary but true.

I don’t know about you but in the evening I love to relax from my days events, turn my T.V. to Murdoch Mysteries and get lost in the show…you know to forget almost getting squished by my bull, or to forget about getting told off by my 89 year old  mom over the  phone for something I said twenty years ago etc.

 Let’s give credit where credit is due and support Canadian actress Helene Joy!  About time we acknowledge her acting abilities, genuine charisma and talent; let’s bring to light Helene Joy as both a strong lady and celebrate the amazing Canadian gift she brings to films!

  Vote for Helene Joy at 

Helene Joy getting in character for her new role in WOMAN IN CAR; Love the hair…

What Energy – You go girl!

Film fundraiser | Indiegogo…I can’t wait until this movie is released!

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