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“Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself”

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” Franklin D. Roosevelt:  

The meaning rings true  for me, does it for you?  Because the only thing we need to be afraid of is always being held back by our own  fears!

IGNORANCE  is no excuse in the eyes of the Law and neither should it be for ME!

For those of you whom have not read my blog titled For the Love of Pets,  well I have a deep fondness for all animals big & small.  As a hobby I raise  Chihuahua pups about once a year and it just so happened  there was a couple coming over to pick out a sweet pup for their pre teen daughter.  Let me tell you when I greeted the couple at the front door the man filled the entire doorway!  The man was not fat by any means, on the contrary, he was muscular, tattooed and sported a shaved head.  Intimidating to say the least.

As the couple sat down on my couch I brought out the puppy and the muscular man melted; it was instant love.  This was to be a surprise for their daughter as she had lost her dog to old age a couple of months ago…what a lucky little girl.  The husband and wife were very nice people, I decided, after talking with them for awhile.  My gut instinct told me the little pup was going to be truly loved!  I was feeling more at ease now with the well mannered, polite gentle giant until he casually mentioned he was a Hells Angels biker! 

I don’t remember much of any conversation after that.

You see, I had immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was a racist, skin head, because he was a Hells Angels biker and felt very unnerved once again.  My mind was racing now thinking back to the Snax Snax ID that showed up on my phone when he called.  Suddenly, he asked me in a soft tone, what nationality I was.  There was an uncomfortable silence as I tried to think how I was going to answer when I blurted out, “I would normally say that I was Italian but my parents are really from Bombay & Poona, India.”  I waited for Snax’s eyes to glaze over or a racist joke but it never came.

Walking the husband & wife out to their car with their Chihuahua pup, Snax leaned in close to my ear and said,  “I want to tell you something… always  be proud of your Indian heritage and never feel you need  to hide it!”  Without much thought I asked,  “Well aren’t all bikers, skin heads & racists that go around steeling from people and selling drugs?”  Snax immediately said “no”.  Then added an empathetic ” NO!  NO!” shaking his head from side to side.  “Being a biker doesn’t mean that at all!  I go to work everyday at a construction job just like everybody else.”  I was so off target on this one. 

We fear what we don’t know.  We fear what we don’t understand.  We only fear because of our own ignorance  to the facts.

Snax Snax’s words resonate in my mind even today and the empathetic way in which he said it means a lot to me.  I learned  something important that day & will no longer show my ignorance by painting all bikers with the same brush!

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