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For the Love of a Pet cont…

  Mom, Dad, Shantelle (my daughter)  & CLEO
Nacho’s Family

No one could have guessed what was about to happen to Mom’s  beloved Nacho  next…

After my dad, Homi, (in above picture) passed away at the age of 94 Mom and Nacho, (her little chihuahua pup) became inseparable.  Nacho  followed mom around like her little shadow sitting at her feet in the computer room while she e mailed friends or played cards.   It was so cute to watch them both walking slowly down the hallway.  Who was leading who?  As soon as mom closed her lap top in the computer room Nacho knew and would quickly stand up wagging his tail and follow mom to the TV room. The little pup would then climb his very own staircase in front of the couch and snuggle into moms lap and they both then watched another comical episode of Raymond! 

Mom phoned one afternoon, anxiety in her voice  and let me know Nacho was not eating or drinking anything!  I laughed convincing her that Nacho  could go without a meal now and then because he looked like a fat little seal pup.   After all I visit with mom and her pup every Saturday while getting my cattle hay and he was  fine then.   How could he suddenly be so ill, I just played with him a few days ago? 

I couldn’t have been more wrong!  The next day we had to rush Nacho to the vet hospital where he stayed overnight hooked up to an IV.  My son and I dropped in to visit Nacho the very next day and get a diagnosis from the vet because mom was having a hard time understanding anything over the phone.  When a young attendant brought Nacho into the viewing room his tongue suddenly turned blue and he was struggling to breathe.  Both my son and I were terrified thinking Nacho was not long  for this earth…knowing mom’s love for her pet if Nacho was to die so would mom!  What to do next?

Steve Scott from the Perth Vet clinic told mom, point blank, that in order for Nacho to have any chance at all he needed to be driven to the 24 hour care veterinary hospital in Ottawa because no one stayed overnight at the Perth clinic and Nacho needed 24 hour care.  He was in critical condition.  Steve Scott is an amazing vet and after all these years enjoys  working with animals big and small.  Actually Sera as well as the receptionist, Ruth are very kind and courteous showing real compassion to all their clients.  Andrew, whom always steps up to the plate with anything involving my mom,  immediately packed up his work to stay with mom for the week in her home while Nacho continued his IV in Ottawa.  Andrew has a big heart and  knew how hard all this was on mom at the ripe age of 89. even though she is not even his mother! 

OH My, the love for a pet  runs deep &  can break your heart!!

Will he make it?  Can he pull through for the sake of Mom & the family he has claimed as his own?

How may of you have been in this situation for the ‘Love of a Pet‘?

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