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For the Love of a Pet

“I am here </to Serve & Protect…When I Wake Up”

For the Love of a Pet

What is it about our PET friends that tugs at our heart strings I ask you?

Our furry friends come in all shapes, sizes and colours but what they bring to the table is immeasurable!

With my parents now in their mid-80’s and dad with a progressing case of dementia I would receive nightly phone calls always starting out with, “You know what your favourite dad did today?” Giggling mom would continue, “He insists on watering my plastic plant in the corner even though I tell him it is fake!”  The next weekend when I visited my parents I pointed out to dad, gently, that he was watering fake plants. I flicked the plastic plant with my finger to stress the fact.  Dad turned to me, smiled with watering can in hand and answered, “So what?  Ha, ha!”  How could I argue with that?

When I returned home that evening I came up with a plan, quite ingenious I thought.  You see my sweet Chihuahua, Tiki, just had a litter of puppies and what better way to keep my animal loving dad, Homi, pre-occupied and out of mom’s way then to give him a puppy to dote on.  I immediately phoned my mother to tell her of my brilliant plan but got an earful instead.  Mom was worried that it would cost too much to feed a Chihuahua on a pension even though I explained that the parents are only3.5lbs and 4lbs respectfully.  Dad was thrilled with my idea.  The next week or so passed and I started getting e mails from England, Australia, India, California all from moms friends warning me that she had e-mailed them and does not want a puppy no matter what…mom was all upset and let the four corners of the world know it! 

The beautiful pups were now weaned by Tiki and ready for their new home!  What a joyful sight first thing in the morning to hear little paws running back and forth across my ceramic tiled floor, tic-tic-tic-tic…Roscoe the stud Chihuahua was so proud of his pups wagging his tail with his chest puffed out but when the pups tried to play with him Roscoe would run to the other end of the house wagging his tail ever so fast as if to say I love you but don’t touch me.

You guessed it!  I gave dad his little pup which he quickly named Nacho.  There was an instant bond between the two and they became inseparable!  I know, I know what about mom’s wishes you ask?  It didn’t even take a full week before her same worldly friends whom e-mailed me earlier got in touch with me again wondering what I had done because they had never heard mom so happy boasting about her little Nacho!

From then on their bond with their pup only grew.  Mom would be heard saying she wanted to take Nacho on a cruise…her three kids were out of the picture now.  Nacho had taken over.  Both my mom and dad fell in love with Nacho and the little pup returned their affection.

It was literally like night and day!  Mom’s regular evening phone calls went from the problems of getting old and the gloom of dad doing this and that now turned to absolute joy with life.  I could not have been happier if I planned this myself…Oh wait a minute I did plan this didn’t I!

Stay tuned for an update on The Love of a Pet NEXT WEEK.



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